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Things I have learned in my first 48 hours of Oberlin... never walk… - mollatio [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 22nd, 2005|11:50 pm]
[mood |still eirie]

Things I have learned in my first 48 hours of Oberlin... never walk on the grass- because while it may seam dry, it's extremely muddy. never live in Harkness Hall- the hippie thing sounds great until you smell the place, see the trash and feel the slime beneath your feet. sophie lives with an amazing smattering of hot young queer girlz. tofu is good for you. everyone gives their fundraising money to the drag ball- really! and everyone goes to drag ball. Oberlin is clearly a very liberal place, and fights to stay that way. sophie's manda is almost as cool as my manda. hot boys in pointed shoes are organ players. always get stoned in your little sister's dorm nook with her hot housemates! impulse buys in the midwest are key when looking for a good time- thank you little play skool bowling set!

i stretched my ears today- about a gague and a half. i realized i really like the pain. i think it's a tourettes thing- kind of obsessive compulsive. i'll have to contemplate that for a while. sophie just got home from her hazing for rugby. she went bobbing for mouthguards in a couldron of blue punch concentrate, mashed potatoes and beer. ahhh, college life. i'm so proud of you little sophie!
I will write more on ohio soon. but let me say, it's much better than i expected! the people are awesome. goodbye from the field, molly