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ok, so last night i found out (by way of sleuthing) that james and… - mollatio [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 16th, 2005|08:27 am]
ok, so last night i found out (by way of sleuthing) that james and manda were at the pier. so i scrounged around for some chicken and met them on what was shaping up to be the grandest night of pier fishing yet! after getting baked and smokin lots of cigarettes, as docktrash must do, i caught my first fish! -very exciting!
so then it was jamie's turn. manda had caught a bunch, i'd caught one. so after waiting and waiting, tension building, james hauls up not one, but two fish on the same line! cue jamie runing in circles on pier, flapping arms... fabulous.
after a couple more fish it was time for our carrow's nightcap- also a docktrash must. there's nothing like a hot cup a joe and a stack of salty/sweet goodness to warm yer insides after hours of fishin on the ocean.
send your luck to the docktrash gurlz today, they're headed to santa barbara to exploit the local waters of their pier. how sad i will not be along for the "trip."
until next time, keep fishin and wishin...